​Tonis ​Tahoe Treasures

       Toni's Glass Art 

Skill and Technique

cause diversity in Toni's work.  She incorporates metals, like silver and gold, glass powders, glass paints and a variety of glass forms to achieve unusual and effective results.T

   Pieces like the one at the top, left, are fired up to four times to achieve texture and depth.  This photo depicts the last step before the last firing of this piece in which the waves were added.

Pattern Bars

The top and middle right dishes show the effect of pattern bars when they are used in a glass piece.  Pattern bars are made in a hot "glory hole" or oven.  The glass is stacked in patterns, tack fused in a kiln and then manipulated while hot to form the patterns you see.  Each pattern bar takes about two hours to make.

Glass Paints, Powders and Gold and Silver

were used in the bottom right piece.  Multiple fusings took place to ​create the mountains and aspen leaves in this piece.  First, silver is applied to vanilla glass, causing a reaction.  Then, the pieces were cut and painted with glass and gold paint.  Finally, the pieces were fused to a background glass, forming this stunning art work.